Preserving Your Marijuana Seeds


Many marijuana planters face problems in conserving cannabis seeds for a long time. Some useful tips and tricks can make the whole process easier. Proper research and reliable information will be the key to increase the longevity of the seeds. If you do not know how to buy marijuana seeds, then buying them online will be a prudent move. For more info about selecting the most suitable marijuana seeds, you may check out reliable websites.

Do not approach it casually
Your weed plantation can suffer if you fail to keep the seeds in a decent state. You should store them in a box under dry conditions. If they become moist, then they will germinate well ahead of time. By the time, the plantation season approaches, your seeds will have become rotten. All your effort will turn to dust in such a scenario.

Beware of the small creatures
Your marijuana seeds can be exceptional food items for insects and pests. Even rats and mice will not hesitate to eat them if they get access to your valuable seeds. You must keep them safe and away from the reach of these creatures.

Some moisture is mandatory
If your seeds do not have the required moisture content, then they might not be able to germinate. Even if they grow, the quality of the plants will not be up to the mark. At the same time, providing seeds with the apt temperature will matter a lot. Too much heat or excessive cold can damage them beyond repair.

Select the good stuff
Choosing the most robust cannabis seeds with a high survival rate is crucial. If you do not select high-quality seeds, then your product will never be up to the mark. You must research online about the methods of selecting seeds with the highest yield.

Freezers are necessary
All expert farmers advise new planters to keep the cannabis seeds at a temperature above six but below 8 degree Celsius. You must purchase a refrigerator which will maintain these levels. If your area experiences power cuts, then you must have power backup in the form of inverters or generators. In case there is a prolonged electricity cut, then your seeds might get heavily damaged. So, it is advisable to avoid any risks concerning this aspect of marijuana seed preservation.

Buy suitable containers
Excessive humidity can cause your seeds to become less viable. Experts suggest ideal humidity range to be between 20-30 percent at all times. Hence, you will be in a brilliant position if you purchase containers that can be sealed. In this scenario, the humidity can be controlled and maintained consistently.

Keep them away from sunlight
Sunlight can ruin your seeds in a short period. It is best that you keep them in the dark conditions where it is impossible for sunlight to reach. Metal containers that do not allow light to penetrate inside will be ideal for you. Opening your marijuana seed storage before the planting season is also not a good idea. You must be patient in your approach.